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lantamyra - Susan Waterwyk Lantamyra is a charming and cheerful fantasy story heavy on certain New Age elements and teenage romance. Spoilers ahead.

Lenora, a native of the planet Lantamyra, has been stranded in Dragonwood, California for forty years due to an accident, and has successfully posed as an eccentric Earthling. She unexpectedly gets an opportunity to go home, and her Earth-born granddaughter Tylya (the protagonist) insists on coming along. When they leave for Lantamyra using a lost device that Tylya has recovered for Lenora, Tylya's faithful boyfriend Josh, unwilling to lose Tylya, joins them without permission. The rest of the plot is about Tylya and Josh's existence on Lantamyra; how they choose to live and how they interact with the two races of people: Lantamyran humans, and the aristocratic dragons who rule.