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Victory: The Principles Of Championship Living - A.C. Green This book is just what the description indicates: A.C. Green, former NBA star in the 1980s and 1990s and a Christian, shares his witness for Jesus Christ. It's generally geared toward an audience of teenagers and young adults, especially those participating in sports, and frames Green's ardent and assertive witness in a sports motif--championship living, victory, being "in the game" with Christ. Nevertheless, it is definitely not too youth-oriented to be helpful to adults, and is not too sports- and game- oriented to be inaccessible to non-athletes.

This is primarily a book of Christian witnessing; A.C. Green's life story is secondary. You learn how he grew up in Oregon and how and where he received Christ as his Lord and Savior, and some details of his life in college, his life in the NBA, and his continuing walk with God up to the time of writing (1994). There are relatively few stories from actual NBA games, and in those few stories, Green often does not name names. The only particularly interesting on-court story was an eye-popping encounter with Latrell Sprewell in the Suns-Warriors 1994 first-round playoff series: Green and Sprewell jawed after Sprewell was whistled for allegedly fouling Green; Sprewell argued with Green over it; Green and Sprewell jawed, and Sprewell bluntly told him "Don't 'God' me. I follow the devil." Um, wow.

Green has more to say about the Lakers, whom he spent his first eight years with, and his relationships with the star players there--Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, James Worthy. He was/is great friends with Johnson and was distraught when Johnson announced his HIV-positive condition and retired.

Victory would be a helpful addition to any Christian bookshelf. Read it, if you can find a copy.