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Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto - Mark R. Levin I wasn't planning to read this book, but someone gave it to me as a gift. "A Conservative Manifesto" is a pretty apt title. It's a thoughtful discussion of various issues important to conservatives, and then a short list of relatively general suggestions for what to do about them, mostly at the political level.
This is a fairly short book--just over 200 pages--and is thoughtful but not extremely deep or revelatory. If you've been a conservative for a while, you won't learn much that you don't already know; there was only one piece of information, somewhere near the end, that I didn't know at all (it slips my mind at the moment, though).

Author Mark Levin is fairly polite in his rhetoric, and holds insults to a minimum. Therefore, reading this book is not at all like reading a book by self-described polemicist Ann Coulter. It makes a great primer on conservatism.