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Greater than the Sum - Christopher L. Bennett This Star Trek original novel typifies what frequent readers of novels based on science fiction TV programs with large fanbases disparagingly describe using a certain very vulgar seven-letter word starting with F.

It's poorly written, questionable in its depictions of some of the Star Trek characters' personalities, doesn't always bother with strong characterization, and endlessly shows off the author's knowledge of continuity from the various Star Trek series. When the book began expatiating the author's particular religious viewpoints, I threw it across the room in exasperation--the first time I have rejected a book in that manner.

When I was young, you could have induced me to read anything if you claimed it was about the Borg. (Star Dreck writers knew that, and a few of the more cynical ones weren't above inserting bogus hints of Borg involvement to capture readers' attention.) A residue of that obsession remains; that's why I started reading the book.) Fortunately, I'm not a Borg-obsessed Trekkie kid anymore, and can find better books to read than this drivel. I do not recommend it.