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The Revenge of Conscience: Politics and the Fall of Man

The Revenge of Conscience: Politics and the Fall of Man - J. Budziszewski Review coming soon. In the meantime, consider these quotations from the book:

"I am expected to look after the least of Christ's brethren myself, not to have the government send them checks."

"Many [college students] also construe the Jeffersonian right to pursue happienss as a right to be made happy by the government."

"The City upon a Hill is the Body of Christ, not the United States of America."

"[T]he mission of the Church to the world is to preach the gospel, not to prop up any worldly regime or ideology."

"[N]ot many of us doubt God's existence and then start sinning. Most of us sin and then start doubting his existence."

"Though it always comes as a surprise to intellectuals, there are some forms of stupidity that one must be highly intelligent and educated to commit. God keeps them in his arsenal to pull down mulish pride..."

"Visualize a man opening up the access panels of his mind and pulling out all the components that have God's image stamped on them. The problem is that they all have God's image stamped on them, so the man can never stop."

"One of the most remarkable phenomena of our century is the rise of entire political movements devoted to the reationalization of certain sins."