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What's Right: The New Conservatve Majority and the Remaking of America

What's Right: The New Conservative Majority And The Remaking Of America - David Frum This book is very dated and therefore of limited relevance, but is extremely interesting and insightful on various political issues circa 1995. Written after the 1994 Republican takeover of Congress but before the 1996 presidential election, it discusses, among other issues:
-Why Newt Gingrich came to power and what his goals are (were).
-Problems with the campaign finance laws of the time.
-Pat Buchanan (hint: Frum obviously had a personal quarrel with him)
-Who Phil Gramm is (was) and why he is (was) important in conservative politics.
-How Canada needs to invest more resources in its own national defense and stop relying on the U.S.
-Colin Powell, and what his political strengths and weaknesses (mainly weaknesses) are (were).