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Jesus Sound Explosion (Association of Writers and Writing Programs Award for Creative Nonfiction)

Jesus Sound Explosion - Mark Curtis Anderson I had to read Jesus Sound Explosion in a creative writing course. This is a memoir by a guy who was raised Christian, being a pastor's son, but lost his faith. He loves rock music, and throughout his youth and young adulthood, rock competes with religion for his allegiance. Rock eventually wins out.
It may not be intentional, but the book gives the sense of a wasted life. He somehow never got it. My professor believed Anderson was, consciously or not, seeking salvation by works rather than by grace through faith. (I think she was right, because young Anderson keeps thinking about "rededicating himself to Christ," and at least one Christian pastor I know of has suggested that thinking of "rededication" indicates a salvation-by-works problem.
Anderson is nobody famous, but as of the publication date, teaches writing at a college somewhere--Minnesota, I believe the book said. The title of the book comes from the album collecting the music from "Explo '72"--a Woodstock of Christian rock bands.