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20 Hot Potatoes Christians Are Afraid To Touch

20 Hot Potatoes Christians Are Afraid To Touch - Tony Campolo This is the best Christian current-issues book I've read since Blinded By Might (see my review of that) in 2004. (It's about twenty years old, being copyright 1988, but does not focus on 1980s-specific issues, so you will not find it dated. But if the age still concerns you, the author has written a more recent issues book called Speaking My Mind. I'm going to read it too eventually.)
The author, Tony Campolo, is a social liberal but definitely *not* a theological liberal; he says he accepts the inerrancy of the Bible, talks about sin and about God's grace, and if I recall, says he is a Baptist and former pastor. (At publication, he taught sociology at Eastern College in St. David's, Pennsylvania.) So reading this book isn't like reading something by John Shelby Spong.
It discusses the following issues:
-What Christians should do about the AIDS epidemic.
-Christian ways of dealing with low self-esteem.
-Whether there should be women preachers.
-Whether the mother of a young child should have a career.
-Christian ways of dealing with sexual frustration.
-How worthwhile is Christian televangelism?
-Should kids, especially Christian kids, go to public schools?
-How Christians need to avoid despising homosexuals, especially within the church.
-Whether rich people can go to heaven, and how Christians should behave with their wealth.
-What the Christian attitude towards modern sports should be.
-Hunting: What kind of hunting is acceptable, and what kind is a sin.
-When it is acceptable to take someone off life support.
-How single women over 30 can deal with loneliness.
-Whether it's right for Christians to kill. (This is the only chapter where I completely disagreed with his opinion.)
-How undertakers often take financial advantage of grieving families when planning funeral services for them.
-When it is or isn't right to put an elderly family member in a care center. (This, unlike the chapter on whether Christians can kill, is *not* black-and-white in its conclusions.)
-When it is or is not right for divorced Christians to remarry.
-What kinds of psychological treatments are a good idea.
-What parents should do when their adult children make bad decisions.
-What Christians' attitude regarding Israel and Palestine should be.