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Country Squire in the White House (Fdr & the Era of the New Deal Series)

Country Squire in the White House - John T. Flynn Country Squire in the White House was written before the 1940 presidential election, 7-8 years before author John Flynn's much longer and more well-known book The Roosevelt Myth. But because this book analyzes Roosevelt's personal nature and his general policies (and spends some time explaining the causes of the Great Depression) whereas The Roosevelt Myth would seek to evaluate only The New Deal, Country Squire provides valuable analysis and information not found in The Roosevelt Myth, and should be seen as a companion volume or a prelude to it. I recommend you read Country Squire if you read The Roosevelt Myth.

A hard copy of this book isn't easy to find (I thought I would have to get it from a library on interlibrary loan), but that's not a problem. I found the text online, available for free download, at http://mises.org/books/countrysquire.pdf . (Thank you, von Mises Institute.)