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The Arizona Governors, 1912-1990

The Arizona Governors, 1912-1990 - John L. Myers, Robert Gryder, Karen K. Kroman Written circa 1990, this is a helpful book of short (roughly five-page) accounts of the lives and careers of every Arizona governor through Rose Mofford, with black-and-white pictures. This is the only edition (as far as I know) and is therefore dated, and is helpful mainly if you want basic (not exhaustive) information on Arizona's earlier governors.

John Phillips, governor of Arizona from 1929-31 (until sometime in the 1960s, Arizona governors' terms lasted only two years), showed a remarkable resemblance to former president Calvin Coolidge in some ways. Phillips wasn't dour, but was the same humble and seemingly uncomplicated type, and had a similar if not identical career: becoming a lawyer by "reading law" in a law firm (rather than going to law school), being a state legislator, and then becoming governor for one term. The book displays a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Coolidge standing on the back of a train with Mr. and Mrs. Phillips, and mentions that Coolidge came to Arizona and strongly endorsed Phillips for governor.