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Green Lantern and Philosophy: No Evil Shall Escape this Book

Green Lantern and Philosophy: No Evil Shall Escape this Book - Jane Dryden,  William Irwin,  Mark D. White I saw this in a college bookstore, and groaned. Fanboy foolishness often makes me laugh, but this example is not funny. Comics books being studied in all seriousness for philosophy lessons suggests contemporary philosophy is exhausted; but since intellectual fashion craves the new and won't go backwards, philosophy descends into pop culture. Sad. More generally, so is the thought of comic books being taken too seriously.
The last line of this book's blurb was jaw-droppingly campy, but that kind of makes sense for a book treating a comic book series as deep philosophical thought.

In case there's any doubt: no, I haven't read this book, and wasn't going to. You can object to my review, then; but I think there's room here for comment on such a book existing in the first place.

"Worst...review...ever." Eh? All good members of the Green Lantern Corps should want to vaporize it with their mighty rings! ...Whatever color they are these days.

I should mention that paying great attention to pop culture and sort of taking it seriously (notwithstanding that postmodernism claims to take nothing seriously) is recognized to be a hallmark of postmodern philosophy. I personally am profoundly not postmodern, and my annoyance at comics being taken too seriously must be considered in light of that.