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Work in Progress Notebook: The Keep-Everything-in-One-Place Manuscript Organizer

Work in Progress Notebook: The Keep-Everything-In-One-Place Manuscript Organizer. - Jeannie Ruesch After being interested in this notebook for some time, I have purchased and examined the electronic version that Jeannie Ruesch sells on her website. It's a 110-page Microsoft Word document with pre-made fields, and contains many different types of worksheets a writer can use for writing down and organizing their thoughts and tracking their novel's practical progress toward publication. If you know how (or learn how) to manipulate tables in a Word document, you can copy and duplicate the worksheets as many times as you want. You can also modify the worksheets if you want to by changing the text or format of the tables.
It's designed for viewing and using on a computer screen, not on paper; Ruesch sells a separate version of the document designed for printing and filling in with handwriting.

Two caveats:
These writing worksheets are designed with some sort of novel in mind. If you're writing another type of book, this notebook would not be very helpful.

Like many writing worksheets I've seen, some of the various writing worksheets in this notebook were evidently designed to create some sort of mainstream fiction involving characters in our world; you will see that in the character profile worksheets, which have fields like "Education/IQ," "Financial Status," and "Marital Status." If you're writing something that might not fit that category (such as science fiction or fantasy), you might have to modify the character profiles to fit your needs.</blockquote